April & May 2005

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Getting there

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Sunrise at Moremi

My wife, Felicity, and I travelled through Botswana and the Caprivi
for two weeks at the end of April and beginning of May 2005.

The photographs are the work of Felicity.  They have lost a little definition
in the reduction in size to suit a website but certainly give the
 feeling of the place, the animals and the birds.

Leaving Durban on the east coast of KwaZulu Natal, we travelled 5 500 km
in just over two weeks.  We headed for Francistown and then north to Kasane.
From there we went due west through the Caprivi, turned south back
 into Botswana along the western side of the delta.  From Maun
we headed north into Moremi for a couple of days, and then made our way back to Durban.

Generally we were camping, but every now and then we opted for a bit of comfort.
The birds are our main interest, but the animals, people, scenery
and the general remoteness all added to the wonderful experience

A Black-breasted Snake-Eagle was one of the first raptors we saw on our trip.
  These are fairly common eagles throughout southern Africa.

Sua Pan

After Francistown, our first stop was at the Nata Bird Sanctuary on the Sua Pan.
  This is the eastern pan of the Makgadikgadi Pans and a section of it has been turned into a bird sanctuary.
  On the far side of this part of the pan we could see hundreds of thousands of Flamingoes,
 but in order to get there meant quite a deviation from our plan.
  There were quite a few other birds including Double-banded Courser (above left),
 and about a hundred Great White Pelicans (below).


Looking out over Sua Pan at the Pelicans and distant flamingoes.

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