April & May 2005

Vultures in Makhadikhadi

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From Moremi we travelled back to Maun
 and then started the long trek back to Durban the following morning.

Our route took us through the Makhadikhadi Pans on the way to Nata.
  A cow had been killed on the road and the vultures were gathering.

A small dog kept the vultures at bay, but as soon as he moved off they moved in again.
 The Pied Crows didn't get a look in.

In total we estimated about a hundred vultures, a mix of White-backed and Cape.
  The Cape Vulture on the extreme right shows the two bare patches of skin very clearly.

It became quite a rugby scrum,
 and ended when the original owners came to claim the remains.

By the end of the trip our total bird count was 213, with seven new species for our life list.

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