April & May 2005

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Kasane and the Chobe River

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Marabou outside Kasane

From Sua Pan we headed north for Kazangula and Kasane.  Kazangula is the ferry port to Zimbabwe,
and Kasane is a few kilometres upstream (or sometimes downstream) on the Chobe River.
 The Chobe River is a tributary of the mighty Zambesi, and when the Zambesi
comes down in flood every year, the Chobe River flows backwards.

The Marabou Storks occupied about a dozen trees outside Kasane
and the photo above is typical of a Marabou stork colony.

The Chobe Safari Lodge is a wonderful camp, with varied facilities ranging from campsites,
 to chalets, to safari rooms as well as an upmarket hotel

We spent morning exploring the area, with many birds being in evidence,
 including this Pied Kingfisher and a Tawny Eagle.

The afternoon and evening were time for a sunset cruise into the Chobe National Park.

The close-ups of the large numbers of elephants were wonderful.
  This small group had swum across the river and were spending the day swimming and eating on the island.

The croc had caught something on the bank, either a Leguaan (Water Monitor) or a fish.
  The boat was able to approach quite close before he ducked under the water and swam away.
  This elephant had had his fill for the day and was swimming back to the mainland.

The Wire-tailed Swallows, were quite at home on the boat,
 and accompanied the cruise for most of the way

A hippo and her calf, with the ever present Cattle Egret.  The hippo's spend most of the day in the water,
and normally only come out in the evening.  They "dived" into the water shortly after this.
This elephant rolled in the mud - it looked thoroughly satisfying.

Sunset over the Chobe River

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