April & May 2005

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Kalizo Lodge on the Zambezi

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The next morning we headed to the Caprivi and entered via the Ngoma Gate.
  The Chobe River (called the Linyanti River at this point) was virtually dry,
 giving an indication of the low rainfall in the area.

We made our way to Katimo Mulilo where we stocked up,
 and then went to Kalizo Lodge, a lodge on the Zambezi River

This lodge is famous for the sightings of Shelley's Sunbird and Souza's Shrike,
 but neither were to be seen during our stay here.

Although the Lodge is isolated during the rainy season, and is only accessible by boat
 for some of that time, with the lower river levels we were very comfortable.
  The area of our campsite was apparently flooded at this time during 2004.

A small wetlands near Kalizo produced some good birding, including this Purple Heron, well camouflaged.
We also saw a pair of Painted Snipe skulking in the undergrowth, but were unable to get a good photo of them.

Other birds included this pair of Lesser-striped Swallows, who had decided to stay behind this year,
 and a flock of about a hundred Open-billed Storks who were having a feast on a patch of recently burnt grass,
along with any other bird that eats cooked beetles.

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