April & May 2005

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The Caprivi and North-eastern Namibia

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We carried on west through the Caprivi,
 heading for Divundu and the Popa Falls on the Okavango River.
The Popa Falls are really only the Popa Rapids, as the fall is about four metres.

This White-headed Vulture was seen on the way through the Caprivi,
 and is one of the more commonly seen vultures in the area,
 the others being the Lappet-faced and the African White-backed Vulture (more of this later)

We stayed at Marunga River Lodge downstream of the Popa Falls.
  Our original plan had been to stay at Ngepi Lodge,
 but access to this was flooded, so we changed plans.

The campsite was on the banks of the Okavango.

  Numerous "Beware of Crocodiles" signs discouraged one from swimming,
 and the grunting of the hippos in the evening was punctuated by gunshots during the first night.
 The lodge downstream was coaxing the hippo's back into the water
(we understood the shots were fired into the air and not at the hippos).

Most of the next day was spent visiting the Mahango Game Park.
  I'm not sure if one had to beware of the Park Warden as we did not come across him in our travels.
This park is wonderful for roan and sable antelope, and although we saw a few, unfortunately we have no good photo's.
  Some of the roads in the park were still under water but generally passable, at least to 4x4's.

Waterbirds were greatly in evidence here, including this African Jacana and Three-banded Plover.

A flock of Ostriches went trotting off with military precision. 

This giant baobab is a feature of the park.

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