April & May 2005

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Tsodilo Hills - "Mountain of the Gods"

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We headed south from Popa Falls, down the western side of the delta.

The western side of the Okavango is remote.  This is the place of the "Mountain of the Gods"
 - written about by Laurens van der Post in "The Lost World of the Kalahari"
    Botswana is generally very flat, and "Male" is the highest hill in Botswana at 1385m.

Gateway to Tsodilo Hills

There are numerous paintings adorning the hills, ("Male", "Female" and "Child"),

 and the Rhino Trail on "Female" is the most commonly traversed.

This is not for the unfit.

Our guide on the left, and a painting of an African Penguin on the right.
We weren't sure if we could tick the bird.
  I am also totally confused as to how a Bushman living in the Tsodilo Hills
 could have ever seen a penguin, unless he had walked from the Namibian coast.

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