April & May 2005

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We filled up with diesel, food and wine at Maun and then decided to head for Moremi.
We just made the camp closure time and spent the night at South Gate.

The following morning we headed for Third Bridge and Xakanaxa where we hoped to spend the second night.

The day's drive was rewarded with a good viewing of a lifer for us, Arnot's Chat.
This male allowed us plenty of time to take a photo.

An evening drive was rewarded by a pair of lions, quite unconcerned by all the onlookers.
The day trippers from the lodges outside the park were all in radio contact
with each other, and there were three or four trucks from the lodges watching the pair.

Camping at Xakanaxa was disturbed by the sound of chomping of grass at 4.00am.
  A hippo was grazing contentedly about 10 m from the car.
  Neither Felicity nor I were terribly keen to fetch the camera, which was inside the car, so no photo's.

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