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R451.jpg (15743 bytes) R451 Hoopoe (Upupa epops) Common resident : 
Gilbratar SG 389 (1977)
R452.jpg (15676 bytes) R452 Red-billed Woodhoopoe (Phoeniculus purpureus) 
Common resident : 
Rhodesia SG 542 (1977)
R453 Violet Woodhoopoe (Phoeniculus damarensis) Common resident : R454.jpg (12778 bytes) R454 Scimitar-billed Woodhoopoe (Phoeniculus cyanomelas) 
Common resident : 
Botswana SG 230 (1967)
R455 Trumpeter Hornbill (Bycanistes bucinator) 
Locally common resident : Gambia SG 3755 (2000)
R456.jpg (15345 bytes) R456 Silvery-cheeked Hornbill (Bycanistes brevis) Fairly common resident : Malawi SG 802 (1988)
R457.jpg (14218 bytes) R457 Grey Hornbill (Tockus nasutus) Common resident : Bechuanaland Protectorate 
SG 173 (1961)
R458.jpg (18210 bytes) R458 Red-billed Hornbill (Tockus erythrorhynchus) Common resident: Ghana SG 1624 (1991)
R459.jpg (15954 bytes) R459 Yellow-billed Hornbill (Tockus flavirostris) Common resident : Kenya SG 601 (1993)   R460 Crowned Hornbill (Tockus alboterminatus) Common resident:
R461.jpg (16404 bytes) R461 Bradfield's Hornbill (Tockus bradfieldi) Uncommon resident : Kenya SG 493 (1987) R462.jpg (13059 bytes) R462 Monteiro's Hornbill (Tockus monteiri) Locally common resident South West Africa SG 502 (1988)
R463.jpg (19288 bytes) R463 Ground Hornbill (Bucorvus leadbeateri) 
Locally common resident : Swaziland SG 481 (1985)
R464.jpg (17088 bytes) R464 Black-collared Barbet (Lybius torquatus) Common resident :
 Venda SG 104 (1985)
R465.jpg (13363 bytes) R465 Pied Barbet (Lybius leucomelas) Common resident : Lesotho SG 800 (1988)   R466 White-eared Barbet (Stactolaema leucotis) Very common resident : 
  R467 Whyte's Barbet (Stactolaema whytii) Locally common resident  R468.jpg (14524 bytes) R468 Woodward's Barbet (Crytolybia woodwardi) 
Locally common resident  : 
Malawi SG 800 (1988)
  R469 Red-fronted Tinker Barbet (Pogoniulus pusillus) Common resident  R470.jpg (14555 bytes) R470 Yellow-fronted Tinker Barbet (Pogoniulus chrysoconus) Common resident : Uganda SG (1999)
R471 Golden-rumped Tinker Barbet (Pogoniulus bilineatus) Common resident
Gambia SG 3744 (2000)
  R472 Green Tinker Barbet (Pogoniulus simplex) Rare resident 
R473.jpg (11693 bytes) R473 Crested Barbet (Trachyphonus vaillantii) Common resident : 
Botswana SG 232 (1967)
R474.jpg (14638 bytes) R474 Greater Honeyguide (Indicator indicator) 
Widespread but sparse resident : Botswana SG 862 (1997)
  R475 Scaly-throated Honeyguide (Indicator variegatus) Fairly common resident :  R476.jpg (14375 bytes) R476 Lesser Honeyguide (Indicator minor) Locally common resident  Uganda SG 2095 1999 
  R477 Eastern Honeyguide (Indicator meliphilus) 
Uncommon resident
  R478 Sharp-billed Honeyguide (Prodotiscus regulus) 
Uncommon local resident
  R479 Slender-billed Honeyguide (Prodotiscus zambesiae) Fairly common resident  R480.jpg (16731 bytes) R480 Ground Woodpecker (Geocolaptes olivaceous) 
Locally common resident : 
Lesotho SG 210 (1971)
R481.jpg (15789 bytes) R481 Bennett's Woodpecker (Campethera bennettii) Uncommon resident :
Botswana SG 498 (1981)
  R482 Speckle-throated Woodpecker (Campethera scriptoricauda) Common resident in a restricted range 
sg1120.jpg (16675 bytes) R483 Golden-tailed Woodpecker (Campethera abingoni) Sparse widespread resident  : 
Ghana SG 1120 (1991)
  R484 Knysna Woodpecker (Campethera notata) Uncommon resident (Endemic)
R485 Little Spotted Woodpecker (Campethera cailliautii) Locally common resident: Liberia (2001) R486.jpg (15047 bytes) R486 Cardinal Woodpecker (Dendropicos fuscescens) 
Common resident : 
The Gambia SG 243 (1966)
  R487 Bearded Woodpecker (Thripias namaquus) Fairly common resident   R488 Olive Woodpecker (Mesopicos griseocephalus) Fairly common resident 
  R489 Red-throated Wryneck (Jynx ruficollis) Fairly common local resident R490 African Broadbill (Smithornis capensis) Locally common resident: Liberia 2016
R491.jpg (19501 bytes) R491 Angola Pitta 
(Pitta angolensis)
Uncommon breeding migrant : Ghana SG 2000 (1994)
  R492 Melodious Lark (Mirafra cheniana) Uncommon resident
  R493 Monotonous Lark (Mirafra passerina) Common resident R494.jpg (14553 bytes) R494 Rufous-naped Lark (Mirafra africana) Common resident 
South Africa SG 712 (1990)
R495.jpg (13794 bytes) R495 Clapper Lark (Mirafra apiata) 
Common resident (endemic) : 
Lesotho SG 794 (1988)
  R496 Flappet Lark (Mirafra rufocinnamomea) Fairly common localised resident
  R497 Fawn-coloured Lark (Mirafra africanoides) Common resident   R498 Sabota Lark (Mirafra sabota) Common resident 
  R499 Rudd's Lark (Mirafra ruddi) Uncommon localised resident (endemic) R500e (Benguela) Long-billed Lark (Certhilauda benguelensis) Common resident (near endemic): Namibia SG 1185 (2013)