(Turdus olivaceus)

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Roberts VI / VII 577 / 750
Clements 2000 138.0971
Howard & Moore 2 (CBOS 5) 130-264
A smallish to medium bird (24 cm), found in Africa south of the Sahara. It is a common resident over most of South Africa, inhabiting evergreen forests, parks and gardens.
 It is usually solitary and eats insects molluscs and spiders.

List of Stamps showing Olive Thrush






None issued
Heller's Ground Thrush (referred to as Taita Olive Thrush in Howard & Moore 2 and also in CBOS 5), is considered a sub species of the Olive Thrush in the world checklists of Clements 2000 and Monroe & Sibley 1993, and in the field book of Birds of Eastern Africa published by Collins.  It is, however, not similar in appearance to the Olive Thrush of southern Africa. SG305 from Kenya 1984 shows Heller's Ground Thrush
Five sub-species of Olive Thrush are found in southern Africa:-swynnertoni, transvallensis, olivaceous, pondonensis & culminans