Useful contact addresses and URL's


I can be contacted at and will be glad to hear from you 
The following contacts will help those interested in bird stamps and South African birds on stamps in particular.
I will be very happy to include contact details for other related societies and web pages.

The Bird Stamp Society

The Membership Secretary is Bob Wilks .
The website is
The Bird Stamp Society sends out a quarterly newsletter which includes information
on latest issues, and an auction.  If you are interested in bird stamps, you will read this from beginning to end.
Subscription is 18.00 per annum for overseas members.

Thematics Southern Africa

Contact details are PO Box 24204, GEZINA, 0031, RSA.  The society publishes a newsletter quarterly on thematic
collecting in South Africa.  This is still very new and will thrive with good support.  Robert Harm can be contacted
at  The website gives more contact details.

Birds on Stamps email group will put you in contact with an email group,
 for swapping bird stamps.  This could lead to useful contacts around the world.

Kjell Scharning's Bird Stamps of the World will put you in contact with an up to date list of all bird stamps.
 A mine of information.  Classifications and bird names are being updated to Clements 2000 
 and some are unfamiliar to SA Birders.

Birds of the World on Postage Stamps is a wonderful bird stamp web page by Chris Gibbins.
  A huge number of stamp images scanned on to his web pages
 as well as a lot of other useful information.

Kingfishers on Stamps is a web site on Kingfishers by Keith Bowden.
This site has a vast amount of detailed information about stamps with Kingfishers
together with scanned images of the stamps

Stamp Link gives a host of useful online contacts for stamps in general.

2 Clicks Stamps is a worldwide directory about stamps in 2 clicks or less

The Stamp Collector website Rare stamps and philatelic covers for sale
 and also includes philately information for stamp and postal history collectors.

Birds on Stamps is a web site with alternative stamps and seals
 featuring birds.  Produced by Ed Hammond

Roberts' Multimedia

Birdcalls have been used with kind permission from Roberts' Multimedia Birds of Southern Africa,
 produced by Guy Gibbon.  His website can be visited at

Birdlife South Africa

South Africa is a wonderful birding destination. 
 Birdlife South Africa is affiliated to Birdlife International.
  The website is a portal to all birding activities in South Africa.

Philatelic Services in Southern & East Africa

For those interested in new issues from African Countries, the following contact details will be useful

South Africa : Philatelic Services, Private Bag X505, PRETORIA, RSA, 0001
Botswana : PO Box 100 Gaborone, Botswana; Fax (267) 391 3599/2253: Toll free No 0800 33 55 77
Namibia : Namibia Stamp Centre,
Lesotho : Lesotho Philatelic Bureau, PO Box 413, Maseru, Lesotho, 100
Zimbabwe : Philatelic Bureau, PO Box 4220, Harare, Zimbabwe
Swaziland : Swaziland Stamp Bureau, PO Box 555, Mbabane H100, Swaziland
Malawi : Philatelic Bureau, PO Box 30700, CHICHIRI, Blantyre 3, Malawi
Tanzania :  Stamp Bureau, PO Box 2988, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tanzania : Murtaza Karimjee -

Percy Fitzpatrick Insitute of African Ornithology

The Percy Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology (known as "the Fitz")
 at the University of Cape Town is responsible for the publication of Roberts VII
Their website can be visited at
Email regarding the production of the new Roberts VII can be addressed to